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If you are an educator interested in considering for class adoption our textbook, Economic Episodes in Civics and American Government by M. Scott Niederjohn, Mark C. Schug, Signe Thomas & William C. Wood and would like an examination copy of the book and/or the supplementary materials that accompany it, please complete the form below. As part of that process, you will be asked to agree with our policy of not selling, copying or otherwise distributing these free materials. If you would like to contact us directly, please email us at Thank you very much.

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Examination copies of Economic Episodes in Civics and American Government by MM. Scott Niederjohn, Mark C. Schug, Signe Thomas & William C. Wood, as well as the ancillary instructor materials that accompany the text, are available only to educators at schools that are considering adopting the textbook for use by their students. Unauthorized selling, copying, posting on a web site or other distribution of these free materials is prohibited. Therefore, in requesting these materials, you are agreeing that you are a qualified educator that is considering adoption of the textbook at your school, and that you will not sell, copy, post on a web site or otherwise distribute these materials without written permission from Wohl Publishing, Inc.

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