College Division

The College Division of Wohl Publishing, Inc. specializes in textbooks for mid and upper-level undergraduate courses. It was launched in response to the increasing trend by college textbook publishers to prioritize their organizational structure, investment decisions and sales strategies around large, introductory courses, and in doing so, to divert editorial and sales resources (i.e. people, dollars and time) away from the mid and upper level undergraduate courses, even when the authors and books that serve those markets are successful and profitable.

To provide authors an alternative to that model, Wohl Publishing specializes in publishing textbooks outside of those large, introductory courses. In doing so, we gain a competitive advantage in those course areas, just as the large publishers have a competitive advantage in the large markets. Our publishing strategy is to provide big market attention and support for the authors of textbooks designed for small and medium sized course areas, and do so in a publishing environment of mutual respect and collaboration. Through such an approach, we improve the authoring experience for our authors and increase their royalty income. To learn more about this innovative model, please read our section on How Authors Benefit.

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