A Note From Rich Wohl

The college textbook industry is a wonderful one, and I have been very fortunate to have worked with many outstanding companies and authors. However, in talking with successful authors about their experiences, a consistent theme has emerged. As publishers have merged and grown bigger over the years, they have been forced to prioritize their organizational structure, investment decisions and sales strategies around the large introductory level courses. While there have been benefits for those authors and their textbooks, publishers have had to divert editorial and sales resources (i.e. people, dollars and time) away from the mid and upper level undergrdauate courses, even when the authors and books that serve those markets are successful and profitable.

Wohl Publishing was launched for that other group of authors, those with works outside of the introductory markets. By specializing in this way, we can provide greater attention and resources for this group of authors, as well as for the faculty and students using their texts. We are able to provide a creative and highly collaborative publishing environment where every author is at the center of the process rather than being a secondary or tertiary priority competing for resources and attention with larger market books; and they are involved in all key publishing decisions. Our goal is both to enhance the authoring experience and to increase market and sales success.

I am very excited about this mission and working with authors and customers on it. If you are an author interested in exploring an alternative to the large college publishers, and your textbook is designed for a mid or upper level undergraduate course, I would be pleased to talk with you in more detail about your project and our innovative publishing model. I can be reached at rich@wohlpublishing.com or at 973.219.3777. I look forward to talking.

Best wishes,


Rich Wohl
CEO and Founder
Prior to launching Wohl Publishing, Rich worked for several educational publishers, including Pearson Education and Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. He has held a range of positions, including sales representative, acquisitions editor, editorial director, vice president and executive vice president. He holds both an MFA (in creative writing) and an MBA.

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