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Correlation of the Common Core Literacy Standards with
Economic Episodes in American History

by Mark C. Schug and William C. Wood

For those social studies educators seeking to align their curriculum and teaching materials with the required literacy skills identified in the English Language Arts Common Core Standards, we have prepared a grid in PDF format that correlates each of the Questions for Discussion in every chapter of our book to the required literacy skills identified in the Common Core. It can be downloaded below.

Social studies will be playing a critical role in meeting those standards because the reading and writing skills of synthesis, analysis, comparison, evaluation, problem and solution, cause and effect and using evidence to build a persuasive argument are an essential part of social studies and also of Economic Episodes in American History.

We hope that this correlation is helpful in both incorporating EEAH into your curriculum and lesson plans and in explaining to your school administrators why classroom sets of Economic Episodes in American History are so valuable in meeting the new literacy standards. (While also addressing the economic way of thinking content standards in the Social Studies Common Core.)

We hope that our correlation grid is helpful. Please let us know if we can answer any questions about the Common Core and/or our textbook, or help in any other way.

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