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Table of Contents
Economic Episodes in American History, Second Edition

Chapter 1
How Can Economics Illuminate History?

Chapter 2
Why Did the British Colonies Succeed Economically—Without Finding Gold and Silver?

Chapter 3
Why Did John Harrower Sell Himself into Bondage?

Chapter 4
Why Did the American Colonists Fight When They Were Safe, Prosperous, and Free?

Chapter 5
How Did the U.S. Constitution Provide a Road Map to Economic Prosperity?

Chapter 6
Turnpikes, Canals and Railroads: What Did We Do Before Interstate Highways?

Chapter 7
Was Slavery a Market Institution?

Chapter 8
The Civil War: Why Fight a War When the North’s Economy Was So Much Stronger?

Chapter 9
How Did the Civil War Change the U.S. Economy?

Chapter 10
The Homestead Act of 1862: Was Free Land Really Free?

Chapter 11
Did the Comanche and Other American Indians Favor Communal Ownership?

Chapter 12
Why Did Frank H. Mayer and His Fellow Hunters Hunt Buffalo, Almost to Extinction?

Chapter 13
Did Railroads Cause the Economy of the Late 1800s to Grow?

Chapter 14
Hard Currency: Sound Money or Cross of Gold?

Chapter 15
Were the Robber Barons Robbers or Barons?

Chapter 16
Why Did the 19th-Century Monopolies Disappear?

Chapter 17
How Did Financial Panics Lead to the Establishment of an Independent Central Bank?

Chapter 18
Who Was the Titanic Baby and Where Was He Going?

Chapter 19
What Made the Roaring Twenties Roar, Economically: Real Growth or a Stock Market Bubble?

Chapter 20
Why Did a Mild Recession in 1929 Become the Great Depression of the 1930s?

Chapter 21
Was the New Deal Good for the U.S. Economy?

Chapter 22
The Economics of Union Membership: Solidarity Forever?

Chapter 23
Did Rosie the Riveter Win the Battle for Working Women?

Chapter 24
Why Did the Economy Grow after World War II?

Chapter 25
Who Desegregated Major League Baseball: Adam Smith or Jackie Robinson?

Chapter 26
How Did the Marshall Plan Become a Model for Foreign Aid Programs?

Chapter 27
What Were the Origins of the African American Middle Class?

Chapter 28
Why Did Communism Collapse?

Chapter 29
How Did the Economy Influence Presidential Elections in the Stagnant Seventies?

Chapter 30
Is the Information Revolution as Big as the Industrial Revolution ?

Chapter 31
Is Free Trade Out of Date?

Chapter 32
Is Growth of the Federal Government Good for the Economy?


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